[rc5] Formal T-shirt vote -- last call for submissions / the one-week c ountdown begins.

Adam Haberlach HaberlaA at testlab.orst.edu
Sun Jul 13 14:50:11 EDT 1997

	I have set up the last T-shirt vote I will run for the DES
Challenge victory shirts.  We have five submissions, running from
political to cute, and we have a choice of color.  I even left a place
for people to leave suggestions.  The vote will run for one week, from
today, July 13th until next Sunday, July 20th.  If you miss your chance
to vote, don't come crying to me.

	I have included a space for quantity, for people ordering large
blocks of shirts.  If you are ordering for a university, please make
sure you are the only one ordering for a university--we don't want six
people from UIUC to order 20 T-shirts each, when they really only want
20 shirts total.

	Orders will start July 20th, in the interest of proving that it
still takes longer to crack 56-bit encryption systems then it does to
design, choose, and distribute T-shirts.

	It looks like shirts will cost around $13 shipped, but this may
depend heavily on final design choices and quantity.  I am assuming that
ordering large blocks of shirts will lower shipping prices.

	If you wish to vote, the URL is:
	Votes are final.

	If you wish to submit a T-shirt, please post it someplace and
notify me, or E-mail it to me.  I will add it to the voting page, but I
will not re-start the vote.

	If you wish to flame me, send it to abuse at earthlink.net, as they
will ignore you better then I will.

Adam Haberlach
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