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Adam Haberlach HaberlaA at testlab.orst.edu
Sun Jul 13 17:35:07 EDT 1997

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> Subject:	Re: Formal T-shirt vote
> >I suspect people might like to be able to vote for it. It's at
> ><http://www.antennahead.com/~insect/shirts/> along with my original
> design.
> >If you like it, you get to wait until Adam gets his act together to
> vote
> >for it.
> The act has been gotten together, as far as I can tell.  It should be
> set up.
> >Also, the shirts I designed are the shirts *I* designed, and contrary
> to
> >what the voting page suggests they are not in any way affiliated with
> >Antennahead Industries, with the exception that I have personal web
> space
> >there.
> And this has been fixed as well (except for a few filenames, which I
> don't want to play with until the traffic slows down).
> >>	If you wish to submit a T-shirt, please post it someplace and
> >>notify me, or E-mail it to me.  I will add it to the voting page,
> but I
> >>will not re-start the vote.
> >Considering that the second design was circulating for 48 hours
> BEFORE you
> >started the vote, that's a poor attitude.
> 	You're exactly right.
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