[rc5] Statistics Problem

Lee Larson lmlars01 at homer.louisville.edu
Sun Jul 13 22:14:01 EDT 1997

Dear Person:

I began running the Macintosh 2.000 client on two machines about a week 

One of the machines--a PowerBase 604/132--is in my office on a direct 
connection and seems to run about 300 kk/s.

The other machine is in my home connected via PPP. It is a PowerBase 200, 
running about 460 kk/s. I usually set it up to buffer 20 blocks at a 
time, and it briefly connects about every three hours to report its 
results and get more blocks.

Both these machines have been running the client nonstop for at least 
five days, and both are using the email address 
lmlars01 at homer.louisville.edu as the address for reporting.

The problem I have is that the PowerWave seems to be the only machine 
showing up in the statistics. I did a search by substring on the email 
address (string=lmlars), and it shows one machine with an average key 
rate of about 300 kk/s.

Is the PowerBase being ignored, or are there some problems with the 
statistics? I am suggesting to other people with Macs that they jump in, 
but I will not do so until I am satisfied the work is being counted.

Lee Larson

Lee Larson       http://www.louisville.edu/~lmlars01/        (502)852-6826
Mathematics Department, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292 USA

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