[rc5] Mass Block get during Win32 crash

Stuart Whelan stuartw at chhlth.govt.nz
Mon Jul 14 16:47:34 EDT 1997

One of my WIn32 (NT) clients just crashed, giving pages and pages of
NETWORK ERROR - Sleeping for 15 seconds.

This isn't too bad, I have seen it before. The problem is that when I
resumed, it said it had -1,000,000 blocks, and promptly tried to grab some
more.... Lots of the them.

I think it got about 120 - 150 before I killed it...

I have a copy of the buff-in.rc5 file, the log file, and the CFG file which I
can send to either the programmer, or someone who may like to 'ungrab'
the blocks it grabbed.

Stuart Whelan.
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