[rc5] Dangers of overclocking

Colin L. Hildinger colin at ionet.net
Mon Jul 14 00:37:11 EDT 1997

On Sat, 12 Jul 1997 18:05:31 -0500, root wrote:

>Rebecca and Rowland wrote:
>> The fact that virtually all microprocessors are quite happy at higher
>> speeds is irrelevant - there's a whole computer out there, and overclocking
>> affects *all* of it.  What about the extra power line glitches?  Is there
>> enough decoupling for the higher speeds?  What about the extra power
>> consumption - are the circuit board tracks dropping to much voltage?  And
>> that's just for starters - there's an awful lot of components and
>> connections that have nothing to do with the microprocessor, and you're
>> speeding all of it up to a speed beyond its design criteria.

Well, you'd want to use components designed for the speed you're using.
 Of course, with Pentium MB's, it's usually not a big deal to go from
150-166 or something since you're still well within spec.

>This is exactly why I run my PR166 at it's rated 2x66=133MHz. I tested
>it at 2x75 and all was well. Running at 2x83 required some DRAM timing
>mods and a tweak to the driver of my solitary EIDE drive(the SCSIs
>were always fine) it worked at that speed as well. The cpu heat sink
>became noticably warm to the touch, but not hot at all. The problem was
>the temperature of one of the voltage regulators. While it did not fail,
>it got way too hot for my comfort at either 2x75 or 2x83. So...until I
>find the time to dig out the soldering iron and some other tools, the
>miniscule heat sink that is currently mounted to the vr stays and my
>box runs at 2x66.

Simple solution: Grab an old 486 fan (or buy a new one - $10 for a
sleeve bearing one, not much more for a ball bearing one) and mount it
to cool the VR.  Also, consider getting a fan card.

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