[rc5] Mass Block get during Win32 crash

Bill Plein bill at diablo.net
Sun Jul 13 23:19:22 EDT 1997

>One of my WIn32 (NT) clients just crashed, giving pages and pages of
>NETWORK ERROR - Sleeping for 15 seconds.
>This isn't too bad, I have seen it before. The problem is that when I
>resumed, it said it had -1,000,000 blocks, and promptly tried to grab some
>more.... Lots of the them.
>I think it got about 120 - 150 before I killed it...
>I have a copy of the buff-in.rc5 file, the log file, and the CFG file which I
>can send to either the programmer, or someone who may like to 'ungrab'
>the blocks it grabbed.

It would be most helpful if all bug reports sent here listed the version
number, and the size/date of the file in use, as well as the platofrm
(which was listed in this example).

The main reason is that with the v2.001 client, lots of them crashed! But
we have lots of people here saying "This is broken, it crashed".

I'm not involved with the programming effort here, but let's make our bug
reports more usefule for those who ARE programming the clients!

Bill Plein
bill at diablo.net
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