[rc5] Statistics Problem

Vic Diamond vorpal at m-net.arbornet.org
Mon Jul 14 00:17:22 EDT 1997

Lee Larson's email dated 6:14 PM -0700 7/13/97, said:

>Is the PowerBase being ignored, or are there some problems with the
>statistics? I am suggesting to other people with Macs that they jump in,
>but I will not do so until I am satisfied the work is being counted.

I'm also experiencing strange things with my email address' reported stats.
It seems to be way underporting what my (Mac 2.000) client indicates. Is it
because it uses a variety of proxies when reporting/fetching new work? I
thought it would always go to rc5proxy.distributed.net as the prefs
indicate, but it seems to randomly pick from several other proxies.

Vic Diamond

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