Bryan Golder redlog6 at concentric.net
Mon Jul 14 06:32:22 EDT 1997

282 Completed Blocks

I counted 'em all in the logfile...that's what it should be as of 5:25am
Pacific Time 7/14/97

Bryan Golder
redlog6 at concentric.net

PS-Look, I know you guys are not being paid and that this is just a sort
of side project for a bunch of bright programmers, but hey - I'm
contributing time, energy, and electricity to this thing, so the least I
can expect is that it's a project that has been decently and properly
organized from the beginning. I REALLY think a daily "latest news" page
or something similar should be added to your website to easily inform
participants of the latest news, tips, troubles, etc. That would really
really really help the people on the other end of the line. Mailing
lists suck. Too much noise, not enough information, and way too
disorganized. I'd really like to know if you guys are losing keys or
incoming data because of problems with the stats or proxy servers.
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