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Stuart Anthony denitto at llamas.net
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Well, here's the response from DataFellows, maker of F-Secure, on wh they
don't have RC5 as an encryption method on their software.


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Thank you for your interest in Data Fellows Award-winning F-Secure product

You are absolutely correct while pointing to the weakness of DES or any
encryption scheme based on key lengths less than 128 bits. That's exactly
the reason why Data Fellows has from the very first beginning support only
encryption algorithms and keys of 128 bits or more with its F-Secure brand.
Security knows no compromise as far as F-Secure is concerned.

F-Secure products support triple-DES, Blowfish and IDEA which all are
strong encryption solutions. We chose them over RC5 due to their good track
record by security specialists and auditors.

F-Secure SSH Client software is available for Unix (all major Unix
platforms incl. Linux), Windows (Win 3.1, Win'95 and Win NT) as well as for
Mac. F-Secure SSH Server software runs currently on all major Unix platforms
incl. Linux. 

F-Secure SSH client prices are the same, no matter which platform you are
running it on. Client licenses are $99/seat and server licenses $495 each
respectively.  Both come with several price breaks for volume purchases.
Orders will be shipped first come/first serve UPS 2nd day by default (add
$15 for S&H).

If you have any further questions on F-Secure SSH products, please give us a
call at (408) 938-6700, or send us email to F-Secure-sales at DataFellows.com.

Kind regards,

F-Secure Team

At 06:06 AM 7/13/97 +0200, Peter A. DeNitto wrote:
>The Message:
>Are you going to be encorporating RSA's RC5 algorythm into F-Secore?  Now
that DES has shown that it's easily crackable, and since 3DES is just DES'd
3 times, I'd suspect that a 128bit RC5 algorhythm is more protection
compared to DES or 3DES, and RC5 is scaleable to any size key.
>I'm also a member of the effort to crack RC5.  Currently we're working on
the 56-bit RC5, and with a distributed network with over 10,000 computers
running through 116 trillion keys a day, we're managing .16% (.0016) of the
keyspace a day.  
>The project's web page is http://rc5.distributed.net if you want to check
it out.
>I Use the following software:
>Anti-virus:     yes  Mcaffee 
>GroupWare :     yes  CC:Mail
>Personal Information:
>From:           Peter A. DeNitto
>Address 1:      
>Address 2:      
>E-Mail:         denitto at llamas.net

Petri.Laakkonen at DataFellows.com, World Wide Web: http://www.DataFellows.com

Data Fellows U.S headquarters has moved ! Our new contacts as of March
24th, 1997 are:

Data Fellows 
675 N. First Street, Suite 605
San Jose, CA 95112
phone (408) 938-6700, fax (408) 938-6701

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