[rc5] Mainframe Bovine RC5 (fwd)

John Heil johnhscs at scsoftware.tea-house.com
Mon Jul 14 08:57:27 EDT 1997

On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Psychedelic Harry wrote:

> I realize this must be a hopelessly un-PC like thing for me to suggest, 
> but has anyone considered putting a mainframe on this puppy?  Does a S390 
> binary even exist for the Bovine RC5?  Or would anyone from that software 
> team be interested in assisting me in an MVS port?

I am not on any software team in the RC5 effort. I am with the
Linux folks but MVS system software development is a specialty of mine.

I am interested in porting it to MVS... It might fun. I can
write the code but I dont have a machine to compile and test on.
(Yes, I know I can get the Tachyon assembler for compiling but
a mainframe is needed for the standard MVS and TCP/IP macro libs.)

I think I can scrounge up a little time.  Where can I find the 
current PC source to port. MVS TCP/IP should be no problem
except in finding a system that is internet connected...

If you've got the mainframe I can code it or at least as much
as my time permits.

John Heil
South Coast Software
kerndev at scsoftware.tea-house.com 
johnhscs at scsoftware.tea-house.com

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