[rc5] v2 Mac client block flush solution

Chris Welbon ctwelbon at email.unc.edu
Mon Jul 14 13:15:52 EDT 1997

I don't know if anyone else experienced this exact problem, but it looks
like some people aren't sure their client is reporting back.  Here's what
happened to me:

I wasn't able to get the client to DOD when it finished a set of blocks. 
Ok, no real trouble. I buffered 20 blocks, and let it chew on them for a
while.  It would finish the buffer, have a network error trying to send
(because I wasn't connected)  and say it was sleeping for 15 seconds. 
When I connected manually, it still wouldn't send the completed blocks. 

What I did is quit and restart the client.  It would then get (but not
send) 20 blocks.  It would run through the first of the next 20 blocks,
and send 21 back.  buff.out would disappear.  Problem solved.  Well,
"worked-around" anyway...

So try that if you're having trouble.  I know on a 68K Mac it's kind of
tough to stay connected for long enough for it to complete a block; but
the v2 client has a progress bar; just try to make sure that you are
connected when it finishes the first block after it's fetched more.  You
can also quit and restart the client when it gets close to the end of a
block so you can plan to be connected as it finishes. 

Please:  More CPUs.  The Mac client *does* work. It could use some
polishing, sure, but the defaults are fine to get going with.  There is
more than enough documentation in the form of people who use it. 

And I think the Bovine folks are doing a hell of a job, too.  


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