[rc5] stats problem

Stephen Langasek vorlon at dodds.net
Mon Jul 14 16:17:39 EDT 1997

On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Aaron Willis Cannon wrote:

> I am having a problem with the stats.  I am only shown as having done 50
> blocks.  I have done a heck of a lot more.  It also shows that I have only
> been working for 1.5 days.  I have been working sence June 27 or so.  And
> last but not least it says I haven't contatcted it for 1.5 days but I have
> been submitting blocks sence I started.  Any idea what the problem is?
> Thanks for any help.

<smacks his forehead, and prepares to recite a portion of the semi-FAQ>

As it mentions at various places throughout the web site... <ahem> "
            Stats are working!
  Temporarily, only 1 day stats online.
     Stats for 07/13/97 available...
" This means that the only statistics that are showing up for ANYONE right
now are those from 13Jul, UTC day.  You're not getting gipped, at least,
no moreso than the rest of us. :)  By the sound of things (50 blocks is a
little to round to be coincidence), you've been buffering 50 blocks at a
time and sending when the buffer is full, yes?  It also does take some
time for the data from the proxies to make it onto the stats, so if you've
contacted it more recently than 1.5 days ago, it'll show up tomorrow.

As soon as the backlog of the stats is finished processing and placed
on-line, you'll get to see your full contribution to Bovine, in all its
glory... :)

                           -Steve Langasek

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