[rc5] Statistics Problem

Stephen Langasek vorlon at dodds.net
Mon Jul 14 19:06:38 EDT 1997

On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Rebecca and Rowland wrote:

> I found that my Performa 475 running the v2 client on a dial-up link wasn't
> reporting its blocks back.  I've emailled this list and the Mac developer
> about the problem, but I've not had a response on what the problem is or
> how to fix it.
> I've stopped running the client - clearly, there's no point until this
> problem is fixed.

I, for one, would be more than willing to help you solve whatever problems
you're having with the client, if only to reduce the number of repetitive,
complaint-filled messages I see piling up in my inbox.  But I don't have
access to any Macs (at least not any running MacOS), and if your claims
about the lack of documentation are to be believed, then the new Mac
client must have no features whatsoever that I would recognize from my
experience with the windows and unix versions.  If this were any of the
other clients, a simple flush would quickly reveal whether the client was
having problems getting to the server.

Moreover, in all your posts to the mailing list, the one thing I haven't
seen yet is the .ini file -- or other description of how you've configured
the client -- that Duncan has requested be sent with any bug report.  Even
though your posts have since degenerated from a bug report to habitual
whining, this still applies to you.  From what you've said, it wasn't even
clear whether you were buffering keys, or whether you had even processed
enough keyblocks for it to be *time* for the client to send the completed
blocks back to the server--the simplest and (as anyone who has ever worked
tech support will tell you) most likely answer.

My guess is, your willingness to give up on the client -- and your
UNwillingness to make any effort to diagnose the problem yourself -- is
probably the chief reason no one's stepped forward to help you.  This
isn't Microsoft; nobody here is getting paid to cheerfully walk spoiled
users through the installation process.

                            -Steve Langasek

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