[rc5] RC5 Mac client call to arms

Marc Farnum Rendino mvgfr at netcom.com
Mon Jul 14 10:56:53 EDT 1997

Folks -

Andrew Meggs has gone back to his real job <g> and left us with an
impressive Mac client.

A big thanks to Andrew! And to those who preceded him, like Goldrush, Tris
Horn and Robert Au. (If I've left anyone out, please correct me!)

He's handed it off to me, and instead of trying to grab all the glory <g>,
I'd like to organize a group effort. For one thing, I notice right away
that there are folks who are much more up-to-speed on things like PPC

So, if you'd like to help, please email me with "RC5-Mac" in the subject
and give me some idea how you'd like to contribute.

I am neither taskmaster nor gatekeeper - I was just the most persistant.
<g> My only interest is applying all the talent we have to get the best Mac
client we can.

Lots of us have already started in with ideas and actual code in some cases
- let's not lose momentum!



(PS: Apologies if you don't want to be involved - let me know and I'll
remove your email address from my list.)

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