[rc5] RC5 Mac client call to arms

chris smolyk csmolyk at compusmart.ab.ca
Mon Jul 14 22:42:27 EDT 1997

>Folks -

>He's handed it off to me, and instead of trying to grab all the glory <g>,
>I'd like to organize a group effort. For one thing, I notice right away
>that there are folks who are much more up-to-speed on things like PPC
>So, if you'd like to help, please email me with "RC5-Mac" in the subject
>and give me some idea how you'd like to contribute.
>I am neither taskmaster nor gatekeeper - I was just the most persistant.
><g> My only interest is applying all the talent we have to get the best Mac
>client we can.

Mark...I'm pleased to see you message in my mail cause I've been hoping to
find a Mac user in this project that isn't too much of a power user to talk
to a newbie like me.
	I'm running a Duo280 with 24 megs Ram. The speed of the keys
processing is 6k/sec. I'm unclear as to how to make sure my work gets back
where it needs to go when it's done. At this writing, my app is telling me
I'm nearing 300 million keys processed and I want to make sure it gets to
the server. I'm not looking for any recognition (tho the prize would be
sweet) just wanting to know that this is working.
	I've only been using a Mac since '94, starting with a Classic ll
and am a pretty lo-end user, so I hope we can communicate and I can confirm
that what little contribution I can make is not wasted.
	I haven't been doing irc much lately and am mostly familiar with
Undernet. I haven't succeded in getting on an EFnet server except to be
told that I'm not authorized.
Do you have to get a password somewhere or what?


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