[rc5] rc5v2 full of bugs and misfeatures (long)

Stephen Langasek vorlon at dodds.net
Tue Jul 15 03:43:18 EDT 1997

On Tue, 15 Jul 1997, Andrew Kroeger wrote:

> I will say that this guy smacks big-time of a tech support person's
> worst nightmare.  It appears he's either using "the force" to guide
> his actions or he has no problems operating in this world without any
> sort of clue.
(Hey... don't knock the force...)

> BTW... for any that missed it, why would he want to declare his proxy
> as (localhost) in his .ini file when he's running v2
> clients??  I don't think he's even close enough to smart to be allowed
> to test a pre-release version of the v2 personal proxies.  Anyone else
> agree??

Well, whatever errors the previous poster may have made, be they tactical
or technical, he did make it clear that the machines he was running on
were an isolated network.  Whatever proxy he were to declare, he would
fail to get a connection.  Giving a numerical address for the non-existent
proxy skips over one step, at least--that of the dns lookup failure.
Since all my machines are happily connected to the internet (at the very
least, when I tell them to be), I can't say whether his choice of an IP
added to the errors in his log files.

And, why should it matter which version of the client he's running?  If
you're connected to the Internet, pointing at localhost for a proxy is
just as stupid in a v1 client as it is in a v2 client. :)

> There are way too many people here bitching about wanting different
> features or fixing some little bug somewhere.  I'd like to see how
> much time they'd have to say anything if they were trying to rewrite
> the personal proxies, rebuild the stats, work on v3 of the clients,
> and reply to all the e-mail messages that we don't even see here on
> the rc5 list.  I think everybody "behind the scenes" is doing a great
> job with the time they have available.  I wouldn't even think of
> complaining about anything unless I was offering my time to help fix
> it.  It's their decision whether to accept my offer of help or not,
> but at least I'm not sitting around expecting them to do everything.

Can't disagree with that, tho....

                                -Steve Langasek

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