[rc5] Mac client reporting

Nate Begeman bacchus at netrus.net
Tue Jul 15 08:54:31 EDT 1997

>Mark...I'm pleased to see you message in my mail cause I've been hoping to
>find a Mac user in this project that isn't too much of a power user to talk
>to a newbie like me.
>	I'm running a Duo280 with 24 megs Ram. The speed of the keys
>processing is 6k/sec. I'm unclear as to how to make sure my work gets back
>where it needs to go when it's done. At this writing, my app is telling me
>I'm nearing 300 million keys processed and I want to make sure it gets to
>the server. I'm not looking for any recognition (tho the prize would be
>sweet) just wanting to know that this is working.

I'd guess that the safest way to make sure your work gets back to the serve
is to set your buffered blocks to 1 in the network settings, then when your
current block gets close to being done, hook your Duo up to the internet,
and it should dial out to get another block.

Nate Begeman
bacchus at netrus.net
when in trouble, when in doubt,
run in circles, scream and shout.

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