[rc5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #44

Stephen Langasek vorlon at dodds.net
Tue Jul 15 09:51:21 EDT 1997

On Tue, 15 Jul 1997, Bryan Golder wrote:

> I just thought I'd add to this being as how I've complained once or 
> twice...the absolute key to failure of any software 
> development/distribution/sales/support is failure to empathize with 
> concerns of THE END USERS! When a programmer stops empathizing with a 
> users confusion, that programmer has just slammed a brick wall between 
> him and the success of his software. End users are NOT PROGRAMMERS. 
> Apparently that needs to be restated here. And if I hear just one more 
> time how the Bovine guys aren't being paid to do all this hard work I'm 
> going to puke. Of course they aren't being paid - they just love doing 
> this. The Bovine programmers are all obviously a bright and talented 
> bunch of people, and someday, the EMPATHY, UNDERSTANDING, and PATIENCE 
> they express with the end users of this zero-profit project will serve 
> them well under the corporate deadline of a software bug fix for a 
> million angry PAYING CUSTOMERS.

> That said, everyone who is complaining about client problems here is only 
> doing so because they want things to work right so this team will win 
> (including me!).

No.  Everyone who is complaining here is doing so because they have all
the manners and consideration of a two-year-old.  I want the clients to
work, too, but you don't see me kvetching about it.  Why?  Common courtesy
for one.  And because I understand that people coming onto this list and
doing a wide-mouthed impression of Sanford Wallace in a technology fair
do nothing to further this effort.  The fact that the coordinators of this
team WILL put up with such nonsense, whatever their reasons for doing so,
does not give anyone the right to make that imposition.  It makes me ill
to see people who are involved in a historic coordinated effort behaving
with all the dignity of Congress on lunch hour.

And not only are the team leaders not getting paid to deal with such
complaints, the rest of us here on this mailing list aren't getting paid
to listen to them.  Unlike (some of) them, I also have no intention of
entering the corporate world.  So my empathy for those whose social graces
were inspired by something akin to a warthog... is nonexistent.  Bug
reports?  Fine.  Suggestions for improvements?  Ideas are always welcome.
Bitching about how abysmally the client works with your setup?  Save it
for alt.dev.null.  They're interested in reading it there.  I'm not.

> Now where's the new MAC client damnit!!! And fix my damn stats...and why 
> doesn't this shit work...and bitch bitch bitch bitch (see, I'm an end 
> user!)

Yes.  And based on your tone here, I'm sure speculation is running rampant
as to which end it is.


RC5-56.  Never have the computers of such little people done so much.

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