[rc5] Buffer is locked 3 - waiting 1 second. :-((

Harald Koenig koenig at tat.physik.uni-tuebingen.de
Tue Jul 15 20:23:14 EDT 1997

On Jul 15, Remi Guyomarch wrote:

> I'm working with the RC5 core team to include my ASM in 2.003, due in a
> few days. Be patient !

while I really appreciate all these speerdups and assembler hacks,
I still think it's *much* more important to get these clients
*stable* and bugfree.

on both dual-PPro boxes with Linux-2.0.30-SMP I still get one client
pretty soon only writing

	Buffer is locked 3 - waiting 1 second.
	Buffer is locked 3 - waiting 1 second.
	Buffer is locked 3 - waiting 1 second.

into it's logfile until the disk is full :-((

all those clients have separate directories and separate
input/output buffer files, so this should not be a locking problem
*between* clients!

I finally decided to shut off all but one rc5 client on SMP boxes
until this problem is *known* to be fixes, because usually I only 
have a chance to check log files and clients once or twice a week...

if you want more cycles, please make your software more bugfree
or at least release sources!!

All SCSI disks will from now on                     ___       _____
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