[rc5] Mac client reporting

chris smolyk csmolyk at compusmart.ab.ca
Tue Jul 15 15:58:19 EDT 1997

>I'd guess that the safest way to make sure your work gets back to the serve
>is to set your buffered blocks to 1 in the network settings, then when your
>current block gets close to being done, hook your Duo up to the internet,
>and it should dial out to get another block.
>Nate Begeman

Thanks Nate. I was unclear as to whether you had to remain online during
processing, and whether this software would dialup for you. So I will just
be online when it finishes.
I think i lost my first couple of blocks not being here for that.
	I had changed to 10 blocks to see if my 040 could do more than one
block but went back to 1 when I read your note. I'm just about to upload my
second block of 270 million.
	`Can I improve my throughput by having more than one block?


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