[rc5] rc5v2 full of bugs and misfeatures (long)

Francois Gouget fgouget at club-internet.fr
Wed Jul 16 00:47:18 EDT 1997

On Tue, 15 Jul 1997, Andrew Kroeger wrote:

> [ some babble deleted ]
> :wrong/does not work (remember I use build 2). When the client first cannot
>                                      ^^^^^^^^
	Yese precisely, version 2 build 2.

> [ trashing even more useless verbiage ]
> :Oh, by the way, this is the ini file I use at the office. Nothing fancy
> :as you may see:
> :
> :[parameters]
> :id=fgouget at club-internet.fr
> :threshold=50
> :count=0
> :hours=0
> :timeslice=65536
> :firemode=1
> :proxy=
>        ^^^^^^^^^
> Hmmm... Isn't it amazing that the people who seem to whine the most
> are the ones that don't follow the directions in the first place!!

	You have a very short memory or did not read the begining of my
>cannot connect to the server (the office has no connection to the Internet
	Why should I put something else but ?
I *know* the client cannot connect to anything whatsoever. So there is no
reason to have it try to send packets anywhere certainly not to the
ethernet anyway. I did the same thing with the TimC clients and they
were perfectly happy. Now I agree that putting rc5proxy... may I have
cause the network connection to fail in a different way (when getting
the IP address) and could even have been better in terms of saving

> I won't even waste the bandwidth or my keystrokes trying to analyze
> all the points brought up in his post.  Most of it was bitching about
> wanted features instead of a detailed description of the problems he
> encountered so we could help him.

[... what I regard as personal injuries skipped ...]

> BTW... for any that missed it, why would he want to declare his proxy

	Yes, as you say, for any that missed it you did not read my
message properly.

> Just for the record, I have the client running on 39 different
> machines -- 10 HP workstations, 18 Power Macs, 10 PC's running Win95,
> and my personal machine running Linux.  I have not had _ANY_ problems

	And you have an Internet connection.

> complaining about anything unless I was offering my time to help fix
> it.  It's their decision whether to accept my offer of help or not,

	I already offered to add e-mail support to the personal proxies.
The message is in this list. There was no answer to it, maybe I should
have addressed it to someone else. And for the clients, if I had the
source I would be very happy to fix what I consider to be bugs and submit
the fixes to the rc5 team.

> but at least I'm not sitting around expecting them to do everything.

	Not do I but it seems that they chose a closed development model
in which they do and control everything and we can only wait till it gets
out. That's their decision and I respect it. It is even backed up by
security reasons. But by implementing the proposition of Honza Pazdziora
and Tim Charron we could have better security *and* source availability.

Also the v3 clients might be nice but I think there should be many project
going on simultaneously. Not saying "participate to RC5 now and when we
are finished we will solve their GIMP problem in no time at all" but
rather a situation where each user could choose the project he wishes to
participate depending on his interests. Unfortunately actually this means
redeveloping a complete distributed system and I hate to think about all
this waste of efforts. I would rather have skeleton client/server, maybe 
in the form of libraries, licensed under GPL or BSD and on which you
could plugin your project specific code. As I see it, with the v3 clients
distributed.net will keep control of the source, what gets run and does

Francois Gouget
fgouget at club-internet.fr                http://www.mygale.org/~fgouget/

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