[rc5] Re: rc5-digest V1 #44

Francois Gouget fgouget at club-internet.fr
Wed Jul 16 01:21:41 EDT 1997

On Tue, 15 Jul 1997, Ralf Helbing wrote:

> In other words, what can I do to make the rc5srv thing under NT work.
> There have been hints that not catching some NT message makes the
> clients shutdown at logout time.  Anybody have a fix for that?  Can I
> use a little script instead of the real client that just restarts the
> client each time it shuts down?

	Here are my conjectures for this bug.
	If I understand well the user installs a service, starts it
and then logs off. And at this point the service stops. If this is correct
then it matches a problem I had with one service of mine.
	The problem is that the client redefines the console control
event handler as it normally handles Ctrl-C. Then when the user logs out
it receives something like a CTRL_EVENT_LOGOFF (sorry I don't have the
docs handy). I think that usually this is handled by stopping the process
which in this case is very unfortunate. Of course if you don't run the
client as a service this would be the expected behavior.
	So the client should have some sort of option to tell it not to
stop on receipt of the LOGOFF even.

	Now off topic:
	Services and console control events are nice high level conecepts
like Microsoft seems to like them. But console control event lack the
notion of inheritance: on Unix the "service" process would have said to
ignore SIG_HUP and fork a child. The child would have inherited this
behavior and ignored the signal as well. I think this is a perfect example
of two nice high level concepts that just don't get on very well together,
which is unfortunately too common in Win32.  End result: an application
must be modified to run really properly as a service.

Francois Gouget
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