[rc5] Dangers of overclocking

Michael J. Rogan mrogan at fpelectronics.com
Tue Jul 15 19:56:23 EDT 1997

> As I understand it, you increase the bus speed.  If you have, say, a 50MHz
> bus and a 150MHz clock-tripled processor, you might increase the processor
> speed to 200MHz by increasing the bus speed to 67MHz.
> As I said, the whole system (meaning: everything that takes its timing from
> the system bus clock).

Or as I have done on many systems leave the bus clock alone and 
change the multiplier of the CPU, as in the example above X4, bus 
stays the same. P166 = 66 (bus) X 2.5 (multiplier) or overclocked 
P200 = 66 (bus) X 3 (mutiplier).


> Rowland.

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