[rc5] Mac Client v2 problems, possible soulutions

Otto VaLlAdArEs OttoV at mindless.com
Tue Jul 15 21:26:51 EDT 1997

	Hello all, I've been reading the posts of questions on the mac v2
client and felt it best to let out my ideas and solutions.
-I have been  installing the client on several computers and have ran into
some problems at times.

	*At one time a computer did not graph the key rate or total keys at
Upon review of the log I noticed that the time/date stamps were wierd
(GMT). I figured then that the client was using the system settings for
time date.  So I checked the Map control panel and set it correctly, set
the system date format correctly and set the time accurately.Presto the log
reveal local time/date info and began graphing correctly.

	*Another problem was revealed on a computer that was working but
did nnot appear on the stats even though it had a direct connection to the
internet. Its netscape worked fine, as well as all other internet programs
even after I quit the client. I had the same problem on several computers
during the DESCHALL project.  During that project I installed the
deschall/OT client on serval PPC computers and witnessed a particular key
rate. On the next day I would check how they were doing and found that it
only went through several hundred million keys! They were not sending the
results of the key search. Unfourtunately I figured out the problem on the
very day that project was completed.  It seemed that after , removing sleep
time, updating OT to v1.1.2, setting to load TCP/IP once (load when needed
checked OFF) and fixing the dns it worked fine.  I think the true culprit
was the domain name servers.  In the Name address servers box (TCP/IP
control panel of open transport v 1.1.2 under manual advanced user mode) I
removed each ip address until I found the ONE dns that gave me problems.  I
removed it and saw the client happily send its results.I left all dns in
there...my 2 local dns and of course internic's ( the
problematic one began with 128.*.*.* I don't recall the exact ip number.
So any ways...the one computer with the rc5 problem was also solved after
removing the very same dns from the tcp/ip control panel..I also set it to
not sleep.
possible diagnosis... it seems that the client already using open transport
cannot cycle through non-responding dns effectively...perhaps a smaller
timeout value? perhaps the number of dns listed causes the problem? >3
causing error? I don't know. but my problem is solved.

-As for configuring the client that mac v2 client is somwhat configureable
as all the other clients...you can tell it how much processor time to use
out of one second (1000 milliseconds) in both the foreground and
background, you can tell it which specific proxy key server to use ( the
default is rc5proxy.distributed.net which can push you to the other proxy
key servers as needed)
the client also doesn't need a flush command...it already has a log file to
tell what's going on, it EVEN will tell you if KEYS were SENT. As long as
you have a progam that'll read TEXT files you can read it.  SimpleText will
open it as long as it is less that 32k in file size, otherwise used bbedit
or clarisWorks or MS-WORD or netscape or eudora...etc.  It can been
difficult to understand if its using GMT (See above) but other then that it
is mostly self explanatory.

please excuse any misspellings in my msg since the client is slowing my
typing. Also,direct questions about whatever I wrote to me
(OttoV at mindless.com).
thank you


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