[rc5] Mac Probs Why?

Brian H. Napier bnapier at dicksonstreet.com
Tue Jul 15 21:25:49 EDT 1997

I don't see why so many people are reporting problems with their client. 
Everything seems very straight forward to me.

The client runs fine in default mode. The only thing you have to enter is 
your email adress and how may blocks you want buffered. Buffering 1 block 
and buffering 20 blocks means very little.

If you buffer 1 block your rc5 client will attempt to send that result to 
the proxy server and download a new block to test.  The buff-in buff-out 
files only contain a short string of information (guessing) 

----1[07/15/97 22:12:24 GMT] Processing block 00C590DC:A0000000 from 
0.00%           (buff-in)
----1[07/15/97 22:25:36 GMT] Completed block 00C590DC:A0000000            

The way I look at it this is the only information that is sent/received 
from the proxy. I assume the client is able to use that single address to 
check the entire block of keys. (Please someone correct me if I am wrong)

As far as system performance is concerned you WILL get more keys per 
second with your PPP dial-up connection OFF.  OT or FreePPP are using 
your CPU when they are active.  Disabling extensions, ect (the normal 
system trimming) will also increase your speed.  In my experience the 
increases are very small.  (Bovine will even Quit the finder if you 

My Stats
PowerCenter 150 48 megs ram  (604)
Beta Sys 8.0

Right now during normal work (email, Hotline client/server, BBedit, PPP 
open)  I am getting 343kkeys. The rc5 client is set to 300ms of CPU time 
and is generating a log file. My max kkeys is 373 (PPP off, only rc5 
running+finder, 640/480, 256colors)  For the most part the rc5 client 
runs smoothly no matter what share you give (ms).

Since July 9th I have checked  160billion keys.
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