[rc5] Progress after a crash?

Brian H. Napier bnapier at dicksonstreet.com
Tue Jul 15 21:44:57 EDT 1997

What happens to the blocks that are 'skipped' after a system crash?

Here are 2  entries from my log:

Bovine MacOS RC5 client starting up 07/14/97 05:46:22 GMT
1[07/14/97 05:46:30 GMT] Processing block 00A00E8B:60000000 from 64.92%

Bovine MacOS RC5 client starting up 07/14/97 05:57:38 GMT
1[07/14/97 05:57:50 GMT] Processing block 00A00E8B:50000000 from 0.00%

Bovine MacOS RC5 client starting up 07/14/97 05:59:57 GMT
1[07/14/97 06:00:16 GMT] Processing block 00A00E8B:40000000 from 0.00%
1[07/14/97 06:05:00 GMT] Suspending block 00A00E8B:40000000 at 26.08%
Client shutting down 07/14/97 06:05:01 GMT

As you can see the 1st 2 entries were not completed. I would like to know 
if this is a problem for the proxy. Hopefully the case is that the only 
thing that the proxy 'writes in stone' is what you send from your buffer 
file. Are all of the blocks sent from a proxy in a sequence? Or can the 
blocks consist of  gaps caused by crashes like mine?

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