[rc5] Mac client reporting

Craig Zody craig at bitbrothers.com
Wed Jul 16 10:25:18 EDT 1997

On Tue, 15 Jul 1997, Nate Begeman wrote:

> I'd guess that the safest way to make sure your work gets back to the serve
> is to set your buffered blocks to 1 in the network settings, then when your
> current block gets close to being done, hook your Duo up to the internet,
> and it should dial out to get another block.


The issue that no one has addressed is the problem with the Mac log file.
The log file DOES NOT REPORT that it has sent blocks to the server, but it
does report that it receives blocks from the server.

This is different from the behaviour of the version 1 client which showed
completed blocks which were sent back to the keyserver. 

No one, and yes I know they're volunteers, from the Mac team has made an
announcement that this is either normal or a bug and so many Mac users are
left not knowing whether their clients are reporting completed work,
dumping it to /dev/null, storing it somewhere, or whatever. There is no
information on the web page about this behaviour of the mac client. Mac
users also wonder whether to run version 1 (known to work) or version 2
(does it work? I don't know.).

The timing of the stats meltdown couldn't be worse. It means that there is
no real way to check whether things are working correctly or not unless
you want to run your testing over many days and check the compiled stats
after the next multiple of 24 hours. Are you willing to give up multiple
days processing time to test if the v2 client works? Many people aren't.

This is not anyone's FAULT, per se. It's just a really bad string of

And so the same question gets asked on this list 80 times in the past
week. Is the v2 Mac client correctly reporting completed blocks?

And if you're one of the Mac team...

After you tell Nate and myself, what can you do to tell the rest of the
mac users so this FAQ can die?

And finally, can we get the Mac v2 client to report sent blocks in the log

Thank You.

Craig Zody

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