[rc5] Mac Probs Why?

Barry Nathan barryn at pobox.com
Wed Jul 16 07:45:23 EDT 1997

Brian H. Napier <bnapier at dicksonstreet.com> wrote:

>If you buffer 1 block your rc5 client will attempt to send that result to 
>the proxy server and download a new block to test.  The buff-in buff-out 
>files only contain a short string of information (guessing) 
>----1[07/15/97 22:12:24 GMT] Processing block 00C590DC:A0000000 from 
>0.00%           (buff-in)
>----1[07/15/97 22:25:36 GMT] Completed block 00C590DC:A0000000            
>                            (buff-out)

The buff-in and buff-out files aren't readable text on the Mac v2 client. 
I also tried to copy the buffer files over to my Connectix Virtual PC 
partition and do a -update with the Win32 version of the client (FWIW, 
the P6 version runs faster on VPC, at least on my 180MHz 603ev with 256K 
of L2 cache - 31,000 keys/s vs. 29,000 (approx)). The Win32 client blew 
up in my face with an illegal instruction. However, that could have been 
because of the computer's logic board problems (which I didn't know about 
at the time).

My replacement is coming on Friday, and after it comes in, I reformat the 
hard drive, etc., I'll try again (unless someone can tell me for sure 
that the buffer files are compatible or incompatible).

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