[rc5] Mac client reporting

Chris Welbon ctwelbon at email.unc.edu
Wed Jul 16 12:55:42 EDT 1997

Last time, I promise.

On Wed, 16 Jul 1997, Craig Zody wrote:

> The issue that no one has addressed is the problem with the Mac log file.
> The log file DOES NOT REPORT that it has sent blocks to the server, but it


...  -->[433899/458751/433900 433894:00:-4128768] Sent 20 block(s) to
1[433899/458751/433900 433894:00:-4128768] Processing block
00683402:60000000 from 0.00%
1[433899/458751/433900 433894:00:-4128768] Completed block
00683402:60000000 (268435456 keys) in 727 secs [369 kkeys/sec]

It's been doing this since v2 came out on my PowerCenter 150.

As Jason Novinger just said in a follow up (and as I have written before):
> What I've noticed with my client is that sometimes it fails to report
> a set of blocks, it retrieves more and reports them later. Or that's
> what appears to be happening. 

All of my machines just keep plugging.  I'm never "the lucky one," so it
can't just be me and Jason whose clients are working.

Now, maybe there *is* a problem with 68K machines in certain cases; but
I've run it on a Quadra 800 just fine.

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