[rc5] Mac Probs Why?

Stephen Langasek vorlon at dodds.net
Wed Jul 16 12:03:49 EDT 1997

On Wed, 16 Jul 1997, Barry Nathan wrote:

> Brian H. Napier <bnapier at dicksonstreet.com> wrote:
> The buff-in and buff-out files aren't readable text on the Mac v2 client. 
> I also tried to copy the buffer files over to my Connectix Virtual PC 
> partition and do a -update with the Win32 version of the client (FWIW, 
> the P6 version runs faster on VPC, at least on my 180MHz 603ev with 256K 
> of L2 cache - 31,000 keys/s vs. 29,000 (approx)). The Win32 client blew 
> up in my face with an illegal instruction. However, that could have been 
> because of the computer's logic board problems (which I didn't know about 
> at the time).

> My replacement is coming on Friday, and after it comes in, I reformat the 
> hard drive, etc., I'll try again (unless someone can tell me for sure 
> that the buffer files are compatible or incompatible).

The buffer files have been billed as cross-platform.  Whether this extends
to the Mac, I don't know.  By all rights it should, but.. who can tell
until you've tried?

You are correct that the cache files are not plain text; they're also not
readable with any of the usual binary-decrypting utilities, like xv. <g>
I imagine that whoever designed the format wanted to make sure it WASN'T
human decodable--the next step after learning to read the file is learning
to write the file, and who needs to write a client to screw up the Bovine
effort when it's just as easy to tell the REAL clients that they've
completed blocks that they haven't...

In any case, since the files are NOT text, if you're going to transfer
them to a PC for uploading, the transfer MUST be the equivalent of ftp
binary mode... no dropping of high bits here...

                               -Steve Langasek

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