[rc5] Mac client reporting

Stephen Langasek vorlon at dodds.net
Wed Jul 16 12:10:39 EDT 1997

On Wed, 16 Jul 1997, Craig Zody wrote:

> On Tue, 15 Jul 1997, Nate Begeman wrote:
> > I'd guess that the safest way to make sure your work gets back to the serve
> > is to set your buffered blocks to 1 in the network settings, then when your
> > current block gets close to being done, hook your Duo up to the internet,
> > and it should dial out to get another block.

> The issue that no one has addressed is the problem with the Mac log file.
> The log file DOES NOT REPORT that it has sent blocks to the server, but it
> does report that it receives blocks from the server.

> This is different from the behaviour of the version 1 client which showed
> completed blocks which were sent back to the keyserver. 

Can any others substantiate this claim?  One person has already posted
saying that he IS seeing the upload listed in the logs, and in at least
one other case where it appeared the client was not logging correctly, it
was shown that the client indeed had not uploaded the blocks--a network
problem, not a logging problem.

Does anyone else have evidence that the Mac client has problems
logging--i.e., independent corroboration that blocks were uploaded (like
an empty buff-out file, or your name showing up in the stats :), with
nothing showing up in the logs?

> No one, and yes I know they're volunteers, from the Mac team has made an
> announcement that this is either normal or a bug and so many Mac users are
> left not knowing whether their clients are reporting completed work,
> dumping it to /dev/null, storing it somewhere, or whatever.

But Macs don't have a /dev/null... hmmm... Does this mean the client is
contacting the keyserver and dropping it into THEIR /dev/null?  An awful
lot of work just to get to a bit sink...

                              -Steve Langasek

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