[rc5] Mac client reporting

Jeff Leigh robocop at u.washington.edu
Wed Jul 16 10:19:53 EDT 1997

It might help if you told us what client you were running (68k or PPC). I
have been using the PPC client on about 20 machines for the past two weeks
and it works great. BTW, my log file does report sent blocks like this:

 [07/09/97 16:11:10 GMT] Retrieved 1 block(s) from server
1[07/09/97 16:11:10 GMT] Processing block 00F00C5B:80000000 from 0.00%
1[07/09/97 16:20:47 GMT] Completed block 00F00C5B:80000000 (268435456
keys) in 576 secs [466 kkeys/sec]
 [07/09/97 16:20:48 GMT] The proxy says: "Bovine Proxy KeyServer (Build 2095)"
 [07/09/97 16:20:49 GMT] Sent 1 block(s) to server


On Wed, 16 Jul 1997, Craig Zody wrote:
> Nate,
> The issue that no one has addressed is the problem with the Mac log file.
> The log file DOES NOT REPORT that it has sent blocks to the server, but it
> does report that it receives blocks from the server.

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