[rc5] Mac client reporting

Chris Welbon ctwelbon at email.unc.edu
Wed Jul 16 13:58:24 EDT 1997

On Wed, 16 Jul 1997, Nate Begeman wrote:

> Now I am not a member of the mac client team, and my emails to the guy in
> charge have gone unanswered (he could actually have a life other than the
> mac client) but I've got a guess about what is happening here.
> 1) the client grabs 20 blocks
> 2) the client does its thing
> 3) if no network errors, it sends blocks back -
> 4) if there is a network error, it grabs more to work on until it can send.
> 5) since the buff-out file is not deleted until after it sends, your work
> on previous blocks will not be lost until the data is in Bovine's hands
> (hooves?).

I agree with this.  This is exactly what happens to my 604e at home when I
buffer blocks, and it happens to finish when I'm not connected.  Upon
quitting the client, dialing in, and restarting the client, it grabs
another 20, finishes the first of that new batch, then sends 21 back. 


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