[rc5] Mac client reporting

Stephen Langasek vorlon at dodds.net
Wed Jul 16 13:08:54 EDT 1997

On Wed, 16 Jul 1997, Jeff Leigh wrote:

> It might help if you told us what client you were running (68k or PPC). I
> have been using the PPC client on about 20 machines for the past two weeks
> and it works great. BTW, my log file does report sent blocks like this:

Do you mean what kind of *system* are they running?  Unless I missed
something, there has been no 68k-specific release of a version 2 client.
If there is one, it's not listed on the version 2 client page...

And speaking of the client page, what's the deal with Linux being a 'misc
unix'?  According to the recently released totals, the version 2 Linux
clients have crunched almost as many keys as the MacOS client, and more
keys than all of the other version 2 unix clients combined, so seeing
Linux listed as a 'misc unix' is really kind of insulting.  What are the
chances of someone (preferably someone who's not currently in a coma :)
changing this page to give the One, True OS its due? :)

                            -Steve Langasek

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