[rc5] Mac client reporting

Dave Huang khym at bga.com
Wed Jul 16 15:56:36 EDT 1997

On Wed, 16 Jul 1997, Craig Zody wrote:
> No one, and yes I know they're volunteers, from the Mac team has made an
> announcement that this is either normal or a bug and so many Mac users are
> left not knowing whether their clients are reporting completed work,
> dumping it to /dev/null, storing it somewhere, or whatever. There is no
> information on the web page about this behaviour of the mac client. Mac
> users also wonder whether to run version 1 (known to work) or version 2
> (does it work? I don't know.).

Yeah, I completely agree... I've switched to the version 2 client for my
i386 machines, but I'm sticking with version 1 on my 68K Macs. Besides,
v1 is faster than v2 on my 68040 (~11Kkeys/s vs ~6Kkeys/s)

The v2 client has a spiffy new user interface now, so how 'bout some
optimizations to the core rc5 routines? :) (for 68k... the PPC code seems
to be doing quite well)
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