[rc5] Stats ETA = now - [ADMIN]

Jude Giampaolo jude at ruf2ece.psu.edu
Wed Jul 16 16:58:37 EDT 1997

Someone named Skip Huffman told me:
> I think that you are still not getting to the correct page.  There is a
> page with the 24 hours stats at the old address.  The address above is
> correct.  I have downloaded the page and am sending it to you as an
> attachment. (Apologies to the list for the attachment).

Could you please restrict your email to 80 cols or less? (I have reformatted
your message so that it doesn't drift off into never-never land past the
edge of the window.)

And next time _please_ just send the attatchment personally? I read my
mail most of the time from a text window and that was not a small

ObRC5: Does anyone know of a good way to monitor the status of the
clients one has running? I have a dozen machines running the RC5 
client and want to know if the process dies so that I can restart it.

Jude Charles Giampaolo
Penn State University
jude at ktb.ee.psu.edu

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