[rc5] V2 mac clients

Carsten Jacobi carsten at jakes.kawo1.rwth-aachen.de
Thu Jul 17 02:19:24 EDT 1997

On 08-Jul-97 Stephen Langasek wrote:
>On Tue, 8 Jul 1997, Jeff Leigh wrote:
>> I think that would be a client for Linux that happens to run on the
>> PowerPC chip, NOT a client for the Mac.
>> On Tue, 8 Jul 1997, Carsten Jacobi wrote:
>>> On 07-Jul-97 Jeff Leigh wrote:
>>>> Is any progress being made on getting out a copy of the V2 clients
>>>> for the Mac platform?
>>> The v2-clients for the Mac were available from the beginning. You just
>>> have to install MK-Linux ...

>Well, I suppose it depends on what you think of when you refer to a Mac.
>Personally, I prefer to think of a Mac as being a computer with one of
>several distinct and clearly defined system architectures, because 1) I
>have a number of friends with PowerMacs that run Linux, so it makes
>conversation quite a bit easier; and 2) bearing in mind that a Mac is a
>machine that is capable of running such operating systems as Linux and
>BeOS, I can save myself a good deal of breath and keystrokes that would
>otherwise be wasted saying 'Macs suck.'

Hmm, so in future terms I will write "MacOS" and avoid the ambivalent word "Mac"
. At the end the Mac-users have got their v2-client. I am not a big Mac-OS-
friend and indeed I was laughing tears, when the other MacOS user in my dorm
still had to run the v1-client when I had the v2-client for my Linux. Those
tears dried out very fast when I saw the performance of the new v2-client for
MacOS and he is now the laughing one.
That's why I have written assembly code after Rémi's optimized v1-client-algo-
rithms for the gcc under MK-Linux. The program seems to run well, but the per-
formance is unfortunately still very poor (at 80 kkeys/sec on my Power-Pizza).
I want to get in touch with the big Optimizer (Rémi Guyomarch) himself to
get best performance also for the MK-Linux-world. By the way, the PowerPC is
as the Alpha-PC and if I am not wrong also the Rxxxx a 32-Register-Chip, and
my Assembler-code may be ported easily to other RISC-platforms ... if it is
worth it ...

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