[rc5] Re: Mac support problems

Craig Zody craig at bitbrothers.com
Thu Jul 17 00:50:49 EDT 1997

First off,

Please stop telling me that your Mac clients are correctly reporting that
they send completed keys to the server. I didn't say that your Mac clients
didn't report sending keys to the servers. All my Mac (PowerMacs) clients
report correctly.

However, since v2, 5 seperate people have asked questions about clients
reporting completed blocks back to the servers (3 report using 68000 macs,
the other 2 don't say).

The issue that needs to be addressed is:

Who contacted them? Was it a valid issue? What was done to resolve the
issue? What was done to tell the rest of us about it?

If the bovine people are happy with their current rate of key cracking,
then nothing needs to change. However, if you want to get a lot more CPUs
working on it, you need to make the entire process more "user friendly".
People need to feel enfranchised into the project instead of ignored.

When users ask questions to the list (the ONLY support mechanism that non
gearheads are likely to use), there should be some response. For these
messages earlier about client reporting, there was none (at least not to
the list), except other people saying "I have a PowerMac and it's working
fine". Well good for you, but how does that help?

Does there need to be a seperate MacOS support list? Maybe.
If so... Does it need to be agressively advertised on the web page? YES!
If not... Do you need a warning saying that the project is only interested
in programmers that can troubleshoot their own problems because the leaders
are too busy with their real jobs and spend their volunteer hours on more
important issues and thus can't be bothered replying to email because they
spend their time on IRC and why can't you too except we can't help you
figure that out either.

This is the response that people are hearing. Even though all that needs to
happen is to download the client, unstuff it, and double click.

The answer is that someone needs to spend TIME actually talking to people
with questions. I hope someone steps forward to do so soon.

Craig Zody

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