[rc5] Re: Mac support problems

David McNett nugget at slacker.com
Thu Jul 17 00:18:39 EDT 1997

[Craig Zody's rant about MacOS support being noticeably lacking]

The main reason you are not seeing these problems solved on this list
is because we make every effort to pull these issues AWAY from the list.
Mailing lists are not and have never been appropriate support mechanisms.

Of the many subscribers to this list, only a very SMALL segment has any
interest in problems with the MacOS clients that seems to mostly affect 68K
machines.  The rest of the readers are either a) not MacOS users, or b)
MacOS users who are not experiencing problems.

As always, if anyone is having any problems of any kind, the appropriate
avenue for support is to mail rc5help at slacker.com where they will receive a
prompt and helpful response from the appropriate person.  This address,
which is the only important address, is quite prominently advertised on the
web site and is behind many mailto:'s as well.

The MacOS client specifically has been in a confusing state the past few
days as the project head for that platform was forced to step down and
refocus his time more pressing concerns.  A replacement was hard to find,
as we've had some VERY qualified coders behind the MacOS port and it is a
large pair of shoes to fill, but it looks like we've managed to do it.
There's a new coder behind the Mac clients and as soon as he's made himself
comfortable and gotten up to speed on the source we can all expect these
issues to be resolved.  In the interim, a couple of other talented Mac
experts have volunteered to handle the volume of MacOS support issues that
we receive each day.  Without them (thanks Kevyn!) we wouldn't be nearly as

If you are dissatisfied, perhaps you'd like to help field questions as well.

Just because we are doing a good job at keeping this list on target, don't
make the rash judgement that we're not doing anything else.

Again -- any mailing list is wholly inappropriate as a support mechanism,
including this one.  The lack of support issues on this mailing list just
means that we recognize this and are handling support issues elsewhere.

-David McNett
 nugget at slacker.com

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