[rc5] Mad Dialer

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Thu Jul 17 00:12:43 EDT 1997

Don't know if this is platform-specific behavior.  I'm mentioning
it here in case it is built into everybody's rc5 client:

I do dial-up.  My rc5 executable calls a 'startdod' script file to
make the connection, and a 'stopdod' script file to break it.

Well, some servers at my ISP crashed.  Startdod was able to dial in,
but the connection was not complete because PPP authentication hung.
My rc5 executable would time out, run stopdod, then run startdod again
(no waiting period between, as there is for "no connection" retries).

After many many iterations of this "mad dialing" I finally stopped
the rc5 executable with a 'kill -9' (plain kill did not work in this
situation).  My question is -- shouldn't there be a limit on the
number of consecutive times startdod is invoked ?

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