[rc5] Hidden win32 client startupdir/configmenu

Ivo Janssen ivo at ricardis.tudelft.nl
Thu Jul 17 10:27:20 EDT 1997

Hello again,

Still 2 problems with the hidden client:

* registrykey: BovWin32: c:\rc5\rc5v2p5h.exe
  So the client reads it's configfile from c:\rc5\rc5v2p5h.ini,
  but the buff* files are still in the weirdest places, like
  c:\, d:\, c:\windows, c:\rc5 (sometimes). I have about 4
  buff-in.rc5 files right now...
  cd-ing to a dir before rc5v2p5h -install doens't work. really.
  the registrykey is the same in all cases....

* When I first install the hidden client on a system, I do
  unzip rc5v2b2h.zip
  rc5v2p5h -config -> but then I get a little dos-box, which
  		      immediately disappears.
  Even when I have "Close on exit" turned on by default, I first
  should get a config-menu, right?
  So, a default .ini is created, edit it by hand, then do
  rc5v2p5h -install and it will run anyway, but it isn't as it
  should be.



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