[rc5] Re: Magnanimity and Digest Posting

Rebecca and Rowland rebecca at astrid.u-net.com
Thu Jul 17 03:49:47 EDT 1997

>Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 10:04:31 -0500
>From: dpush at mindspring.com
>Subject: [rc5] Re: Magnanimity and Digest Posting (was) rc5-digest V1 #44
>> It's clear that the Mac client *doesn't* work fine out
>>>of the box - so what are we to do?  It appears to do something other than
>>>what I thought it should be doing, but what do I know?  The documentation
>>>doesn't explain what it does, nor how to tell if it's doing it.
>Continue groping in the dark until you get a clue. Think of it as educational.

I'm a professional educator and someone who's not clueless when it comes to
using his computer.  I can assure you that continuing groping in the dark
isn't helpful at all - it leads to nothing more than frustration.

Now then, there might be some point to the groping in the dark if one got
any feedback from the groping, but there's no sensible indication of what
the Mac client's doing, or why it's doing it, so we can't tell, can we?

>>Rowland...I'm on a 68k and this makes a lot of sense to me. I'm dropping
>>the list and getting the digest. The best help I find is on the irc channel
>>#rc5 on EFNet. You can go into private chat and get past all this noise.

Er, no.  I can't access this apparently rich information source.

>And if peolpe would quit expecting this effort to be they're
>private little Microsoft it would be less noisy as well.

Er, I expect nothing more than a little bit of accessible information.
What is this obsession you have with Microsoft?  The cited IRC channel is
not something I have access to.  What *this* person expects is just a
little information from somewhere - not a lot, just a little.  I'm not
looking to have my hand held through an installation procedure or anything
like that, I just want to know how to set up the Mac v2 client so it works
properly.  If the developers had said anything other than `Just run it -
the Mac client works fine', I'd be happy, but they haven't, so I'm
bitching, because the Mac v2 client *doesn't* work fine, and the developers
didn't even *test* the 68K version.

>BTW, rename the digest headers when you post so ppl have an idea exactly
>what kind of noise is in there.

I always do.


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