[rc5] Mac Client v2 problems, possible soulutions

Rebecca and Rowland rebecca at astrid.u-net.com
Thu Jul 17 02:18:25 EDT 1997

>Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 20:26:51 -0400
>From: Otto VaLlAdArEs <OttoV at mindless.com>
>Subject: [rc5] Mac Client v2 problems, possible soulutions
>	Hello all, I've been reading the posts of questions on the mac v2
>client and felt it best to let out my ideas and solutions.
>- -I have been  installing the client on several computers and have ran into
>some problems at times.
>	*At one time a computer did not graph the key rate or total keys at
>Upon review of the log I noticed that the time/date stamps were wierd
>(GMT). I figured then that the client was using the system settings for
>time date.  So I checked the Map control panel and set it correctly, set
>the system date format correctly and set the time accurately.Presto the log
>reveal local time/date info and began graphing correctly.

My Mac has its system clock and map control panel set correctly, and the
graphing doesn't work.

>- -As for configuring the client that mac v2 client is somwhat configureable
>as all the other clients...you can tell it how much processor time to use
>out of one second (1000 milliseconds) in both the foreground and

Wrong - you tell it how much processor time to use before letting other
processes have CPU time.  Macs don't have timeslicing.

>you can tell it which specific proxy key server to use ( the
>default is rc5proxy.distributed.net which can push you to the other proxy
>key servers as needed)

What does this mean?

>the client also doesn't need a flush command...

Yes it does - why do you say this?  The v2 Mac client on my Mac has not yet
reported back any completed blocks - if it had a flush command, I could
force it to report back the blocks that it's checked.

>it already has a log file to
>tell what's going on, it EVEN will tell you if KEYS were SENT.

This point is not documented.

>As long as
>you have a progam that'll read TEXT files you can read it.  SimpleText will
>open it as long as it is less that 32k in file size, otherwise used bbedit
>or clarisWorks or MS-WORD or netscape or eudora...etc.  It can been
>difficult to understand if its using GMT (See above)

Very easy to understand if it's using GMT - my local time is BST at the
moment, and goes back to GMT in October.

> but other then that it
>is mostly self explanatory.

I had to ask on this list to find out that the log file was supposed to log
a sending back keys event - hardly self-explanatory.


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