[rc5] RISC sppedups

Joshua Weage weage at mtu.edu
Thu Jul 17 09:19:21 EDT 1997

> > I am running, went from 166K to 220K/sec.  I was quite
> > impressed, although with deschal each of those machines was
> > running something like 4 million keys/sec.
> I've noticed others comparing the rc5 client with the deschal one... Don't
> forget, as http://rc5.distributed.net/ says, ". . . this flexibility in
> RC5 comes at a cost of greater computational overhead per key than DES,
> due to the increased complexity of the algorithm." So don't expect to get
> anywhere close to the key rate y'all were getting with DES...

	I didn't say I was expecting the key rates to be the same
as DES, just mentioning the VERY large difference between the
two.  However, some time ago, I thought it was estimated that it
only took
about twice as much time for an rc5 key compared to DES, current
rates are 10 times slower than DES. (220K/sec rc5, 2M/sec DES
per processor)  That 220K/sec rate isn't even the standard
bovine client, the standard v2.002 clients only get 160K/sec.
	I still think that there can be a substantial improvement
especially on the 64 bit systems like Sun Ultra's.
	Comparing x86 architecture, rc5 is about 4 times slower
which isn't as bad (and yes I know x86 is better suited for
rc5 than sparcs.


P.S.  The speed problem is quite important.  If any other
groups show up with significantly faster clients we WILL
have people jump ship to switch, and any new participants
would be more likely to run the faster clients.

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