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Marc Sissom msissom at dnaent.com
Thu Jul 17 11:48:04 EDT 1997

At 09:16 AM 7/17/97 +0000, she wrote:
> Pardon me, but what else should we be talking about? In the mailing
>lists I've seen where
>access software impacts on the interests of the listers (I'm thinking
>about Todd Rundgren's Patronnet here)

Imagine that, I meet a TR fan from overseas while my machine
bangs on a cypher! Who'd a thunk this'd happen on _this_ mailing list?

>Discussing tech support issues is one way of doing this. 

I agree, it also alerts those of us that have yet to experience
such problems. It gives us an idea of what we should watch out for.
I have not yet recruited any Mac users to our team, but one of us

>I would never, five years ago, have
>believed that a) research into the encryption used for all these top
>secret projects is in the hands of a private concern b) that they would
>publicly DARE all comers to break their code, and that c) I could be
>among a team trying to break it.

Heh, this(here) is America after all. You _do_ get to believe what
you want. You might get ridiculed, but it aint against the law.

>... I'd love to
>be able to show my as yet unborn descendants the little gold key or
>abacus I'd buy if I won, or the books Gutenberg will transmit because of

Wow, here I am nearing 40 and I find yet another difference between
males and females. I've never thought of such a thing, but perhaps
that's because all(hopefully) of my first gen descendants _have_
been born already. ;-) I have not yet thought very much about being
a grandparent, thank something for that! It's tough enough just being
a parent of teen-agers.

>years, I've yet to see so many professional, serious, people argue in
>such an immature fashion: we seem more like TV show groupies arguing
>over whether Jack Mc Coy should or should not have sex with his coworker

Who's Jack McCoy?

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