[rc5] Stats problems?

Ralf Helbing helbing at isgnw.cs.Uni-Magdeburg.DE
Thu Jul 17 20:43:42 EDT 1997


> I started 7 machines ... but it's a little worrying to not show up
> in the stats at all.

Look in the Team stats.  Unlike the host stats they are supposed to
work.  Really.

> Will this problem with the stats be fixed in the next few days?

I hope so.

> When it's fixed, will it show accurate figures for the whole
> cracking period or only from fix-time forward?

That's my understanding.  I have a feeling that the stats update only
once a day.  There was a time when they did it once an hour.  In the
SolNet DES challenge, we had updates every 30 minutes.  From what I
know, they had a PC running the master server and the web/stats stuff.
It was at 10% load.  There were less than 10K hosts then, I believe.

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