[rc5] Monitoring clients

Caolan McNamara 9312811 at ul.ie
Thu Jul 17 21:30:11 EDT 1997

On 17-Jul-97 Ivo Janssen wrote:
>On Thu, 17 Jul 1997, Bill Plein wrote:
>> #!/bin/sh
>> # This is runrc5
>> cd /home/bill/rc5
>> killall -HUP rc5v2 2> /dev/null
>> ./rc5v2 &
>> ... it's ugly, and it only will restart it once every other hour.
>Hmm. Stopping and starting the client every hour?
>Isn't there something as:
>if `ps x|grep rc5` then restart else do nothing
>or so???

heres what i use for a check to restart the client
if [ "`ps -cuxw | grep -c -h -s rc5-client`" = "0" ]; then
        ~caolan/bin/rc5-client -n 20 -a skynet.csn.ul.ie -p 8000 linu
x at linuxnet.org &
slap in a crontab that runs each hour and ta-da.


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