[rc5] Monitoring clients

Bill Plein bill at diablo.net
Thu Jul 17 20:26:28 EDT 1997

>Well, the above script isn't hard to write, so why not use it?  Both
>scripts take about the same amount of processor power; killall, in fact,
>makes the same calls to find out what to kill.  And it does take time for
>the client to shut down and restart, so... why not squeeze out that extra
>bit of keycrunching time?

Because if you are not a good shell scripter, it takes longer to write it
than is necessary.

But if you get your rocks off writing shell script, go right ahead. And
make sure that you debug it so that you don't accidently kill anything else

Me, I take the easy way out. I lose 1-2 seconds of computation time every
hour. Let's call it 45 seconds a day. Yippee, you win!

Bill Plein
bill at diablo.net
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