General Support issues (was: Re: [rc5] Re: Mac support problems)

Jude Giampaolo jude at
Thu Jul 17 20:30:50 EDT 1997

[ pointless ranting deleted ]

OK, I'm really sick of everyone bickering here. We are all part of this
list because we want to work toward a common goal, but it getting really
hard to tell.

There are a few points that I think need to be worked on here:

1. There seems to be a problem with the version 2 MacOS 68k client. It
doesn't always report back and seems to be slower than the version 1

2. Complaining and whining aren't going to get you anywhere. It's no one's
job to help you. If someone is helping you they are going out of their way
to do so.

3. It would be nice to have a version 2 personal proxy. It would help me
keep track of what my machines are doing. (Which have crashed and need
restarting etc.)

4. While it is nice to have a fancy stats page, its not horribly important
to have an up to the second listing of who has done how many blocks. If we
could get the executive summary stats updated hourly and the other stats
daily that would be just dandy with me. Useful statistics help attract new
machines as people like to show off how many blocks they have turned in.

5. Nicer documentation would be great. Since no one here is coordinating
such, it might be nice if some one decided just to put togther a short
write up and mail it to the list to gett feedback on it.

Any other items/comments?

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