[rc5] Just wondering about the 6 blocks

Otto VaLlAdArEs OttoV at mindless.com
Thu Jul 17 21:24:22 EDT 1997

At 11:13 PM -0400 7/16/97, Psychedelic Harry wrote:
>I have a question regarding the stats, I know it's not working quite
>right, but I was wondering if you would take a look at this log file and
>tell me if it's a stats-time lag, or a software error thats not
>sending.  By my count I've done about 19 billion keys, or 76-odd
The stats page lists the stats of the computer for ONE day from 0:00h GMT
to the next 0:00h GMT (8:00pm -8:00pm EDT)
At 89-90kkey/sec you should theoritically get something around 29 blocks a DAY.


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